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Long Open Time Glaze: Gallon
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Long Open Time Glaze: Gallon

Price: $86.50
Product ID: 2001
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Glaze by Faux Like A Pro has one of the longest "open-times" in the industry, allowing you more time to work your finish without the edges drying. This universal water based glaze, accepts latex paints, artists acrylic and universal tints. Washable!
Where almost all other glazes start off with a satin sheen, Glaze by Faux Like A Pro� allows you to start off "dead-flat", without the need of varnishing. Simply tint the Glaze with higher gloss paints to increase your sheen. This glaze goes on smooth, will not clump, and is not sticky like some other glazes.

WHAT IS "OPEN TIME"?: Open-Time is a term we use to describe how long the glaze will stay wet, allowing you to work your finish without the edges drying. Glaze by Faux Like a Pro� has one of the longest "open-times" in the industry. Our glaze has up to a 2 hour �open- time� giving you ample time to create a flawless finish! When covering large surfaces such as walls, the longer the "open-time" the better. If a glaze only stays wet on the wall 15-20 minutes, drying problems can occur leading to disastrous results such as lap lines and blotchy finishes.

APPLICATION: Using different brushes and tools you can create endless finishes from a beautiful color wash in a seaside beach house to a sophisticated French linen in a formal study. These glazing finishes are known for their subtle variations of color, texture, and soft glow. They can be adapted to any living environment and provide a natural backdrop for today's casual lifestyles. Most of these techniques can be done in two-three steps. Watch our how-to videos for further instructions.

TINTING: Prepare your glaze/paint mixture(s) using a 5:1 ratio (5 parts Glaze to 1 part paint). A 5:1 ratio is highly recommended but you can certainly work in a 4:1 ratio or 6:1 ratio. When mixing color we recommend using mostly commercial latex eggshell paint. *Latex paint provides added stability to Glaze. Sagging may occur without it. To further customize your color, tint your glaze mixture with a few drops of universal tints or acrylics. Stir glaze mixture well before using.

COVERAGE: Gallon = 400-800 sq ft. Quart = 200-400 sq ft. (*approximate)

VOC's: 500 grams / liter.

KEY FEATURES: Long open time - Environmentally Friendly - Water-based - Low Odor - Washable - Easy to apply - Glaze can be brushed, rolled, stippled or sponged - Extremely compatible with our other products - Formulated to prevent freezing in cold climates - Long shelf life.

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