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Moire Iri Gold Base
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Moire Iri Gold Base

Price: $129.00
Manufacturer: FLP DS
Product ID: 8104
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Available in 105 designer colors, this amazing product can be applied with a trowel, spatula, brush or roller. Moire is eco-friendly and low VOC. It is available in Iridescent Gold or Pearl bases and comes in both quart and gallon sizes. Quarts cover approximately 60 sq. ft., gallons approximately 240 sq. ft. and pails 960 sq. ft. Moire is extremely durable, washable and easily repaired. Six oz. wet samples and color decks are available for purchase and custom tinting is also available by calling 617-254-8898.

STEP 1: Apply good quality acrylic eggshell paint of a similar color. Two coats may be desired for drastic color changes. It is best to allow the paint to dry overnight before proceeding to Step 2.

STEP 2: Using a 6” stainless steel rounded corner flat blade or Venetian plaster trowel, load a small amount, 1 to 2 Tablespoons, of Moiré to the outside edge of the blade. Do not overload the blade. Using a low angle, apply a paper-thin coat of Moiré in 8” to 12” passes. Using a random pattern, apply Moiré, going up, down and side to side. This random pattern will cause light to reflect in a soft silk fabric-like appearance. The final step is to apply finish coat of Moiré in same fashion as Step Two, again, a thin coat is best. Overlap small sections at a time.



Step 1: Apply good quality acrylic eggshell paint or acrylic primer of a similar color. Allow to completely dry, minimum 4 hours.

Step 2: Thin Moiré with 20% Faux Like a Pro Glaze. Blend completely, a paint squirrel, mud mixer or wire whisk works well. Using a 4” to 6” short nap roller, apply thin layer of Moiré. Using a consistent, random fashion, rolling passes 8”, 10”, 12”. Be sure to apply material in multiple directions in small patches, joining sections together. There is no need to maintain a wet edge. Use a polyester brush to work small spots, ceiling lines, feather out brush marks. Moiré should lay down like a traditional paint film. THIN. Allow to dry overnight.

Step 3: Repeat Step Two. Again, a thin coat is best. Dry rolling is also a good option. A lighter shade of Moiré can also be used for a two-tone effect. Moiré is dry to the touch in one hour. Washable in 4 days.



Step 1: Apply good quality satin/eggshell finish acrylic paint a shade or two darker than the desired shade of Moiré. Prepare walls and apply a tradition paint application. Follow good painting practices and apply one to two coats of base paint as needed. Allow paint to dry overnight.

Step 2: Thin Moiré with 20% Faux Like a Pro Glaze, completely blend until smooth. Roll on a thin layer of thinned Moiré using a 9” roller, 100% coverage works best. Mask ceiling wide using 2” painter’s tape. Use a brush at ceiling and trim lines. Do not do more than 12” to 18” wide sections at a time. Work from base up and ceiling down. Alternate meeting points to blend below eye level. Allow to completely dry.


Tip 1: Prevent overlapping meeting points. A kitchen rubber spatula works GREAT for loading Moiré onto your tools/blades. Change it UP! Use a lighter tone on Step Three as an easy two-tone! Moiré is self-sealing and does not require a top coat. Moiré is great in dining rooms, kitchens, bath rooms, Master suites…any room in your home! For a spectacular touch, Moiré is beautiful on ceilings.

Tip 2: A Kitchen whisk works GREAT for thinning Moiré. A whizz roller works EXCELLENT for this technique. The velour pink cover is my choice. Try a roller-applied geometric pattern to add a sophisticated feel. Excellent for problematic walls and commercial applications.

Tip 3: Change it up! Try Moiré using a darker paint tone base coat with a lighter shade Moiré topcoat. Add a hint of Iridescent Galaxy Wax, try a metallic tone of Moiré over black paint. Options are unlimited!

Tip 4: Moiré should be applied thinner than a sheet of paper. Prevent over coating by limiting the amount of product applied to your blade. Blades become razor sharp during application. With Moiré there is no need to maintain a wet edge during application, simply start and stop as needed. Work smaller sections 4’x 4’ at a time, join sections by slightly overlapping edges of each section. This patch-work look will all pull together with the application of the finish coat. Moiré usually dries in less than one hour. Allow this coat of Moiré to dry completely, 1 to 4 hours depending atmospheric conditions and thickness of film.

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