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Galaxy Wax: Iridescent Blue, 16oz.
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Galaxy Wax: Iridescent Blue, 16oz.

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Looking to add pizzazz or shimmer to your Venetian plaster? These metallic waxes can be applied with trowel, spatula or sponge. Apply through a stencil for added beauty.
Exclusively from Faux Like A Pro, Galaxy Wax is a 100% acrylic, eco-friendly wax infused with pure mica concentrate. Galaxy Wax can be applied over all Faux Like A Pro products, most Venetian Plasters, stencils, and latex paint. With a simple top coat of metallic, you can create a translucent, reflective finish with incredible depth. Choose from our eight luxurious colors: Sterling Silver, Aluminum, Antique Gold, 24-Karat Gold, Pure Copper, Luminescent Pearl, Iridescent Ruby and Iridescent Blue. Visit our gallery to view samples or purchase Galaxy Wax at our online store.

APPLICATION: Using a spatula, thinly apply one coat of Galaxy Wax in a crosshatch pattern. Hold spatula on a low angle as you apply a thin layer overlapping each stroke. Avoid thick application because it will result in hazing. One coat is sufficient for protection. Allow 8 hours to dry before burnishing. To create a beautiful glossy sheen, simply burnish by rubbing your spatula knife at a shallow angle. When applying Galaxy Wax over an uneven surface, crackle, or stencil, use a damp cellulose sponge rubbing in a circular motion. Watch our how-to videos for further instructions.

TINTING: Galaxy Wax comes pre-tinted infused with pure mica concentrate. It's full body consistency has a very strong metallic finish. You can create a more subtle metallic look by adding Galaxy Wax into our Clear Flat Wax. Prepare your wax mixture using a 4:1 ratio (4 parts Clear Flat Wax to 1 part Galaxy Wax). Looking for a metallic Glaze, try adding our Galaxy wax into our Glaze using a 2:1 ratio (2 parts Glaze to 1 part Galaxy Wax).

COVERAGE: Each 16oz. container of wax covers approximately 100-150 square feet when applied in thin layers with spatula or trowel.

VOC's: 70 grams / liter.

KEY FEATURES: Contains no paraffin - Pure mica concentrate - Environmentally Friendly - Low VOC - Low Odor - Washable - Can be painted over - Easy to apply, full-bodied consistency - Extremely compatible with our other products - Formulated to prevent freezing in cold climates - Long shelf life.

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