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Clear Flat Wax - Quart
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Clear Flat Wax - Quart

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This versatile water based, acrylic wax can be burnished with a spatula, creating a beautiful, Venetiano look. Use in its virgin form or tint with acrylics or universal colorants. Can also be used over our crackle and plaster products. Washable!
Clear Flat Wax is a 100% acrylic, eco-friendly simulated wax that can be applied over any water based Venetian plaster. It richens the color with a beautiful mat sheen while providing a protective coat to the surface. Once the wax is applied over our plasters you can then burnish it with a spatula to create a lustrous glossy sheen that feels like marble.

APPLICATION: Using a spatula, thinly apply one coat of Clear Flat Wax in a crosshatch pattern. Hold spatula on a low angle as you apply a thin layer overlapping each stroke. Avoid thick application because it will result in hazing. One coat is sufficient for protection. Allow 8 hours to dry before burnishing. To create a beautiful glossy sheen, simply burnish by rubbing your spatula knife at a shallow angle. When applying Clear Flat Wax over an uneven surface, crackle, or stencil, use a damp cellulose sponge rubbing in a circular motion. * See our training videos for further instructions.

TINTING: Faux Like A Proís Clear-Flat Wax can be tinted with artists acrylics or universal tints. Simply squeeze acrylic or universal tint into the wax and stir with a plastic spoon. The more tint you add, the more solid and opaque the wax will become. For a touch of shimmer add our Galaxy Wax into the Clear Flat Wax. Choose from our eight luxurious colors or combine to create your own custom shades.

COVERAGE Each quart of wax covers approximately 200 square feet when applied in thin layers with spatula or trowel.

VOC's: 70 grams / liter.

KEY FEATURES: 100% acrylic - Contains no paraffin - Easy to apply, full-bodied consistency - Can be painted over - Environmentally Friendly - Low Odor - Low VOC - Washable - Extremely compatible with our other products - Formulated to prevent freezing in cold climates - Long shelf life.

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