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Classic Crackle Kit
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Classic Crackle Kit

Price: $48.50
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Our Base Crackle, combined with our Crackle Additive, creates a classic, cracked paint effect. Also cracks our plasters! Produces a fine network of large and small cracks. Perfect for crackling walls, molding and panelling.

Kit Includes: 1 quart Base Crackle and Crackle Additive, NOTE:: You may want to seal with our Dead Flat or Satin Varnish. You will also need some paint and basic supplies from your local hardware store.

Classic Crackle is used for traditional "cracked paint" effects. It produces a fine network of large and small cracks perfect for crackling walls, moldings, and wood paneling.

APPLICATION:Apply a bright or deep color of latex eggshell paint to your surface. Let dry 24 hours. Using a brush or roller, apply two coats of Base Crackle over base coat. Let dry approximately 1 hour before applying the second coat. Let second coat dry 2 hours. Empty the entire contents of Crackle Additive into one quart of flat latex paint. Mix thoroughly! Once the paint thickens, apply it over your base coat with brush or roller. The size of the cracks is determined by the thickness of the paint applied. Heavier application will yield larger cracks; lighter application will yield thinner cracks. The direction you apply your roller or brush will determine the direction of the cracks. For horizontal cracks, brush or roll flat paint from left to right. For Vertical cracks, brush or roll flat paint from top to bottom. Cracking will appear within 10-30 minutes. Once the crackling starts do not roll over it with paint. Let dry 24 hours.

COVERAGE: Quart = 100 sq ft. (*approximate)

VOC's: Antique Crackle: 30 grams / liter. Classic Crackle: 10 grams / liter.

KEY FEATURES: Environmentally Friendly - Low Odor - Low VOC - Washable - Easy to apply - Extremely compatible with our other products - Formulated to prevent freezing in cold climates - Long shelf life.

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