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Working with Glaze

- Prepare your Glaze and paint mixture using a 5:1 ratio (5 parts glaze to 1 part paint)- Avoid Glaze build up by applying one thin coat of Glaze when rolling on first pass.

- Make sure walls are properly prepared with Eggshell or Satin latex paint. If walls are dry roll on a clear coat of Glaze before starting technique. This will increase your open-time.

- Always start your finish in top left hand corner of the wall. Work in 4ft x 4ft sections as you move across the wall. Leave a 3” wet edge to transition the finish into the next section of wall

- When ragging the wall, avoid tapping repeatedly in one place. This makes your finish muddy.

- When creating a strie or linen weave, drag brush through Glaze in one pass. Overworking the Glaze will create muddy patches.

- When creating a color wash, keep strokes long and random to avoid dark color blotches. Use a lot of pressure with on your Bristle Block Brush to blend the colors.

Working with Plasters

- To avoid sanding, roll your base coat as smoothly as possible.

- Apply a small amount of plaster to your spatula; it will go a long way!

- For big jobs, use our lightweight Plastic Float as a hawk to draw off plaster.

- Hold spatula at a low angle, applying thin layers of plaster while overlapping each stroke.

- Knock back any raised ridges left behind by spatula while plaster is still wet. You want to create smooth spatula work.

glaze and plaster