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Metallic's, Venetian plasters are the latest trends in the faux market.

Get into the know for faux. The design industry changes fast, and staying on top of what's new is essential for success. Paint Decorating Retailer offers an in-depth look at what fuels sales and what will revolutionize faux in coming years. For fresh insight, PDR turns to some of the most reliable voices in faux finishing. Who better to ask than Mark London and Sandra Kiss London of Faux Like a Pro?

While Faux Like a Pro cofounder London explains how to stay competitive in a fluctuating industry, his partner, Sandra Kiss London gives readers a peek at one of the decorative painting industry's hottest commodities; Galaxy Wax. Infused with pure mica, these popular waxes are ushering in new decorative trend such as metallic finishes.

Metallic's are only a sliver of the company's range of customizable faux finishing products. Read on to learn more about Faux Like a Pro’s entire line and its Institute of Surface design, where anyone can learn to faux like a pro.

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