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Husband and wife team add a finishing touch via their online faux-finishing store.

What do you get when a business actually listens closely to the needs of its customers? Faux Like a Pro knows exactly what kind of results to expect, since customers’ needs, opinions and thoughts were the genesis of the company's faux finish web site almost a decade ago. Complete with how to’s, chat rooms, classes and specialty products, the site caught on quickly.

As readers expressed their interest in decorative painting, London and Kiss London seized this feedback to create their own line of specialty faux finishing products. Their entrepreneurial spirit and deference to the site’s readers guided them well; Faux Like a Pro now has the number one online store for faux finishing products.

Faux Like a Pro seeks to demystify the fear that often makes specialty finishing seem difficult. Here, the curtain is pulled back, the secret recipe divulged, the magician’s secrets spilled. Learn more about Faux Like a Pro’s refreshing take on the decorative painting industry and about the professional grade, yet user-friendly products the company offers.

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